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We welcome you to Nadeem Tikka where HOT & Delicious meals and friendly staff awaits you. We exchange meals for your smiles. We are specially known for our lavishly tasteful and the best BBQ in Lahore. We also specialize and truly serve you with the best chicken Karahi in Lahore.

Whether you’re looking for Desi food in Lahore or the best Dinner Buffet near you, Nadeem Tikka is one restaurant that will truly meet you expectation.

You may come across countless restaurants in Lahore but Nadeem Tikka is the most beloved & praised one.

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Hygiene Food

You see our air conditioned and glass walled kitchen as we cook. This gives you the utmost satisfaction and waters your mouth, even before the food is served.

Rural Set Up

Rural set up is another distinct feature of Nadeem Tikka restaurant that you may not experience anywhere else. Rural furniture style like ,Char phi , netted wooden chairs and active waiters are awaiting to delight you …

Outdoor sitting

Outdoor sitting is our unique dinning environment where you would acutely love to sit and enjoy your meals with friends and family in a peaceful and natural environment.


Our security guards on a nicely paved road, will assist you in parking, so you can fully enjoy your meals, carefree!

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Fresh and Healthy Food Available

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Namkeen House

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Our recent events and special guests


Corporate Gatherings

Corporate Gatherings

You have always met your collogues and business partners in closed offices. Now it is time that you make a little change. Invite them you our halls and outdoor informal setups. Relax a little bit and share your ideas and proposal in delight environment. Bring people closer with friendship and win their hearts with taste.




A special event in your life, like engagement should not go unnoticed. These moments are special and so are you. So, fully celebrate these moments with us, where we welcome you to come to our restaurant and make your memorable life events, even more special. Use our app or call us to book in advance and avoid any inconvenience.


Aftar Party

Aftar Party

In the month of Blessing and Forgiveness we have planed to ease your Fasting, in the dazzling hot month of June. All your worries of what to prepare and how to prepare are over now. Number of Guests and Electricity shortage won't get in you way, this Ramazan. Our Air Conditioned , decorated halls and Special Iftar meals are awaiting you arrival. Give us a change to serve you in this holy month and lets enjoy the blessings of Ramazan together.


fresh and healthy food available


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